Result 2018: Business transformation and developing our ways of working were the dominant themes for 2018


Business transformation and developing our ways of working were the dominant themes for 2018

Our client’s needs are changing due to the digital transformation that affects all industries, as well as society. In the beginning of 2017, Nordic Morning Group was made up of the parent company, Nordic Morning Group Plc, as well as six Finnish and six Swedish subsidiaries. The repackaging and development of our capabilities and services are of course still in focus. We are doing this work in close collaboration with our clients to deliver a superior customer experience, driving growth and customer loyalty.

Business transformation has been the dominant theme for 2018. In line with the repackaging of our services and new structure of three business areas, the management and steering structures have been simplified. Step by step, we have developed our ways of working.

Since our industry is transforming, we must too. When it comes to differentiation, companies have no option: the experience their brand or service provides needs to be at the core of their business. The demand for superior customer experience is absolute.

For us at Nordic Morning Group, we believe in making the world a better experience: in every little detail, in everything you say and everything you do, at every level of your organization. Our differentiator is our people.

During 2018, significant efforts have been made in developing a dynamic, collaborative and results driven culture where everyone can perform at their best. The long-term target is to enhance self-leadership on all levels.

Our culture is manifested in 6 guiding principles for behavior we strive to see more of in our everyday work life. This work has been a bottom-up process, involving all people within Nordic Morning Group.

Be you. Be curious.
We trust and respect
Be an accountable daredevil!
Communicate, collaborate and co-create
Make wow-experiences and value every day
Fail fast, laugh, learn

We will continue to develop and strengthen our culture of change and learning going forward, to serve our clients in the best way possible. As I have pointed out before, I strongly believe in change and learning as keys to successful business.

A warm thank you to all our clients for choosing us. Let us continue the transformational journey together!

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