Annual Report

Business transformation, building growth and developing a growth mindset have continued to be the dominant themes for the group in 2019.
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Letter from the CEO

Business transformation,
building growth and
developing a growth mindset were the dominant themes in 2019

Nordic Morning Group has been on a transformational journey since 2017. The aim of this journey is to repackage our capabilities and services to better meet today’s client needs and the digital business environment of tomorrow.

Becoming more customer-centric has taken us from having a holding company structure of 12 companies to three business areas with clear offerings: Nordic Morning focuses on data-driven marketing and service design; Edita Prima creates automated processes for customer communication services; and Edita Publishing develops smart learning and information solutions.

Restructuring our operations, building the new organizational setup, implementing the new common enterprise resource planning platform and leading the change were the focus areas in 2019. The cultural impact on how to successfully drive change is rapidly increasing due to the digital transformation affecting all industries, as well as society. In 2018, 80 percent of 2,219 executives in a yearly global survey by Katzenbach Center* said that their company culture needed a major overhaul; that same figure was 51 percent in 2013.
Business transformation, building growth and developing a growth mindset were the dominant themes in 2019. At Nordic Morning Group, we believe in making the world a better experience – in every little detail, in everything we say and everything we do, at every level of our organization. Our differentiator is our people. Our culture is manifested in six Guiding Principles for the behavior that we strive to see more of in our daily working lives.

Be you. Be curious.
We trust and respect
Be an accountable daredevil!
Communicate, collaborate and cocreate
Create wow-experiences and value every day
Fail fast, laugh, learn

Building competencies and developing the leadership skills that reflect our Guiding Principles were the core of our culture work in 2019. In workshops involving all employees, we learned how the human mindset influences our behavior and how greater awareness of our own mindset can make a difference and actively change our ways of working. Having a growth mindset helps us regard feedback as an opportunity to learn and develop, and we have brought this into our daily work both internally and with our clients.
The transformational journey for Nordic Morning Group continues, and with that the constant improvements to our offerings and processes, investments in building our culture and ways of working alongside identifying further efficiency innovations.

A big thank you to all our clients and employees for 2019!
2020 here we come!

/Anne Årneby,
CEO of Nordic Morning Group

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Financial results 2019

The Nordic Morning Group comprises the parent company, Nordic Morning, Edita Publishing and Edita Prima. This is our annual result.

Operating profit 

Increased to € 1,5 million

(without one-time items)

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Net revenue

Increased to € 77,6 million

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