Annual Report

Business transformation, building growth and developing a growth mindset have continued to be the dominant themes for the group in 2019.

The Nordic Morning Group comprises the parent company, Nordic Morning, Edita Publishing and Edita Prima.

Responsibility for the Nordic Morning Group’s governance and operations rests with Nordic Morning governing bodies, which consist of the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Directors, and the CEO. Group management directs, guides, develops, and supervises the operations of the Group companies.

Board of directors


Jukka Ruuska

Deputy Chairman

Mervi Airaksinen


Ingrid Jonasson Blank


Maija Strandberg


Anne Korkiakoski


Jani Engberg

Group Management Team


Anne Årneby


Teemu Takala


Katarina von Troil


Kristiina Kujala

Managing Director Edita Prima

Heikki Autio

Managing Director Edita Publishing

Kalle Toivonen

Managing Director Nordic Morning Sweden

Märit Sareyko

Managing Director Nordic Morning Finland

Jukka Sundquist

Board of directors 2019

In the Nordic Morning Board of directors, a variety of businesses and expertise are represented.

Gender statistics

The group management team has a 50/50 split in male and female members.

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