Our Story

Nordic Morning Group’s aim is to be at the forefront. To get there, we must accept that change is the new constant, and that this creates a demand for lifelong learning. To be an attractive company with spearhead knowledge, we must keep on challenging established thinking and ways of working through people and technology. That means each and every employee shares this task, and is responsible for driving change.
Be you,
be curious
We trust and respect
Fail fast, laugh and learn
collaborate and co-create
Create wow-experiences and value everyday
Be an accountable daredevil

Our guiding principles

Our culture is manifested in 6 guiding principles for behavior we strive to see more of in our everyday work life. This work has been a bottom-up process, involving all people within Nordic Morning Group.

Our tools

A high degree of self leadership is necessary to take charge of our own development and learning. Active self reflection and analysis is necessary to develop self leadership skills

The value tree

The value tree exercise is a way to identify and connect your personal values with the guiding principles of the company. Clarifying and integrating our values generates significant results in increased motivation, collaboration and overall well-being.

After Action Review

AAR is a structured debriefing process for reflecting on what happened, why it happened and how it could be done differently.

  1. What was the goal?
  2. To what extent did we reach the goal?
  3. What did we do well and why did it work well?
  4. What can we improve and how do we change this?
    (as well as: to what extent did we act according to our principles?)

Most Important Tasks

Identifying your individual Most Important Tasks ensures you keep moving toward the overall targets for the company.

Most Important Tasks (MITs) are tasks, activities, actions in order to reach our set targets according to action plan and budget for the year. MITs are tools for prioritization and communication of daily and/or weekly tasks. As a rule of thumb, your three most important tasks should be identified.

By taking the time to identify your MITs it will help you reach your targets. Once the MITs have been articulated, it becomes easier to discuss and develop ideas together.

Personal MITs strengthens accountability, efficiency and self-leadership skills.MITs have a positive effect on the performance climate of the whole company.

Our change journey