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Nordic Morning Group’s aim is to be at the forefront. To get there, we must accept that change is the new constant, and that this creates a demand for lifelong learning. To be an attractive company with spearhead knowledge, we must keep on challenging established thinking and ways of working through people and technology. That means each and every employee shares this task, and is responsible for driving change.
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Welcome to the age of experience

New technology has made everything go faster. But the true revolution is what technology has done with our expectations. Long gone are the days when providing a service or a product was enough to engage customers. When it comes to dierentiation, companies today have no option: the experience their brand or service provides needs to be at the core of their business. The demand for superior customer experience is absolute. Customer experience is what sets companies apart and keeps customers loyal to the brand.

To deliver superior experiences, companies must change at a fundamental level. This is the end of the age of silos, and the era of whole new levels of data-driven collaboration across product development, marketing, sales, delivery and customer support.

Intrapreneurship is needed in times of change

How do we drive a transformation in this fourth industrial revolution? This is a question a lot of companies we help are asking themselves. And certainly a question we have as top of our mind all the time. What is really required to keep your business young at heart (without losing all the benefits of an old soul?).

It takes intrapreneurship. It takes disruption from the inside. The intrapreneur is the overlooked cousin of the entrepreneur, but they share a lot in common. You have to take an active decision that you want change. Not just with words, but with actions. And you will need a management that acts, not one that talks. One that is not romanticizing what was, or waiting for things to return to normal.

You need to dedicate adequate resources – people, money and mandate. Everyone within the organization needs to actively take on change as their mission. You have to accept and even welcome the fact that change is painful. For the employees, but also for the executeves and sometimes for the owners. Working in new ways with new things is sometimes painful, at least temporarily.

Driving change at Nordic Morning Group

Since our industry is transforming, we must too. When it comes to differentiation, companies have no option: the experience their brand or service provides needs to be at the core of their business. The demand for superior customer experience is absolute.

Historically, Nordic Morning Group was made up of the parent company, Nordic Morning Plc, as well as six Finnish and six Swedish subsidiaries. Each group company had a specific market position and provided services that complemented each other.

New strategy work gets underway

On January 12, 2017, Anne Årneby joined as the new CEO. During Q1 2017, a strategy team was formed under her leadership. The team consists of 15 people, including the Managing Directors of each sister company and support functions. Together, they developed a new strategy that builds on the group’s history and culture of change and learning which already exists in the group’s DNA.

This mindset is reflected in the group’s common ‘Why’ and ‘How’ which influence the direction and guidelines for how all employees work.

Nordic Morning Group´s ‘Why’: making the world a better experience

Today it’s difficult to differentiate a company through a unique offering or product. A few companies in the world can say they have a unique offering or product, but the majority don´t.

In the digitalized world, the power is with the customer. After all, alternatives to your product or service are just a click away. Customers’ expectations are increasing exponentially – arguably, at the same rate at which their loyalty is declining. There is no alternative for companies when it comes to differentiation – the experience their brand or service provides needs to be at the core of their business.

For the ones who succeed, the good experiences are shared and can build global brands faster than ever before.

This has created a demand for superior customer experiences. In today´s digital, connected world, the customer experience is at everyone’s fingertips – both in terms of being a part of it or commenting on it. This means that there is always an audience and always possibilities, or a risk, if you haven´t thought through your customer experience.

And this is the reason we believe in making the world a better experience. Today, more than before, every little detail counts. You need to align what you say and what you do at all levels, if you are to be successful.

That´s why our talent is our strongest asset and why each and every individual working at Nordic Morning Group is part of creating a better experience, every day, in every meeting and in every detail of our daily work.

Our ‘How’: challenging established thinking and ways of working through people and technology

Our history goes all the way back to 1859, when we started printing stamps for the Russian Tsar. Finland was not an independent country at that time. Finland became independent in 1917 – 100 years ago. That’s when we started to print the first Finnish stamps. Communication has always played a very important role in society. And it still does.

We have developed over time and what we can follow from the industrial revolution to the present, is a red thread of always being at the forefront, challenging established thinking and ways of working through people and technology.

We have always had change and learning in our DNA, as an organization and in our culture. Otherwise we wouldn´t have been around for more than 160 years.

From a holding company to a group with three business areas with clear offerings

The aim of our strategy work is to repackage our capabilities and services to better meet today’s client needs and the digital business environment of tomorrow. We have done this in close collaboration with our clients to deliver a superior customer experience, driving growth and customer loyalty.

That means that all three business areas within the group share our ‘Why’ and our ‘How’ but what each business area offers differs from a customer centric point of view:

Business area

Nordic Morning

Data-driven marketing and service design

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Business area

Edita Publishing

Smart learning and legal

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Business area

Edita Prima

Automated processes for communication services

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