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Nordic Morning Group gathers five agencies under one brand and one offering

  • Agencies Ottoboni, Sitrus, Klikki, Seed and CountQuest become Nordic Morning.
  • Digital Growth Engine introduced: a joint offering for digitalized data-driven marketing and service design.
  • Group reports improved financial results for the first half of 2017.

Nordic Morning today launches its Digital Growth Engine concept, created in response to the marketing challenges companies face due to the digitalization of our society. Digital Growth Engine is both an offering and a systematic approach for generating digital growth and superior customer experience. It has been developed in close collaboration with Nordic Morning’s customers, and client projects where the method has been applied are showing tangible results.

“Digitalization allows consumers to compare offers in a completely new way. That makes many products and services too alike, and therefore interchangeable. The possibility to differentiate is in delivering a customer experience that exceeds expectations, a prerequisite for growth. Our clients are looking for a systematic model and approach that can be tailored to their specific needs – digital maturity, which data they have access to, their ability to change, organization or existing technology stack. Digital Growth Engine is our conceptual response for addressing clients current state and where it is possible to go, step by step”, says Anne Årneby, CEO of Nordic Morning Group.

Nordic Morning’s 320 consultants within digitalized, data-driven marketing and service design are now transitioning to one shared brand and one common way of working. This change is part of the ongoing transformation of the entire Nordic Morning Group, which has already yielded a noticeable improvement in earnings for the Group during the first half of the year.

“The current star performer in the Nordic Morning Group is Edita Publishing, which is exceeding top line expectations ahead of schedule. Edita Publishing is very well positioned within micro and macro learning, a field with high growth potential. There is good progress in the transformation of the entire Group, and I look forward to similar results for the Nordic Morning unit in the coming quarters”, Anne Årneby says.

Business unit Nordic Morning, comprising the 320 employees of Ottoboni, Sitrus, Klikki, Seed and CountQuest in Sweden and Finland, is headed by Mattias Falkendal. Nordic Morning Finland will be headed by Jukka Sundquist.


Anne Årneby, CEO Nordic Morning Group, +46 70 860 6586
Mattias Falkendal, COO Nordic Morning, +46 70 653 0698
Jukka Sundquist, Managing Director, Nordic Morning Finland, +358 40 587 4128

About Nordic Morning Group

Nordic Morning Group works in close collaboration with its clients to deliver superior experience to their customers, driving growth and customer love. The Group consists of three business areas: Nordic Morning focusing on data-driven marketing and service design, Edita Prima delivers personalized print experiences, and Edita Publishing develops collaborative learning and information solutions.

Nordic Morning Group serves clients mainly in Scandinavia and Northern Europe. The Group employs 600 people and net revenue in 2016 was EUR 103.4 million.



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