Can real time data lead us out of the crisis?

The corona pandemic has raised an important question: when can business get back to normal?

That’s why Nordic Morning and My Telescope are launching the Real Time Market Confidence Index, which uses AI-driven real time data to interpret the current state of the market and provide a basis for confident decision-making through predictive analysis. 

Navigating the complexity
Every company has a plan for 2020, and as everyone now knows, that plan does not work in this situation. When should you start to move forward? When will the market reach the stage which will be the new normal?

Even in a complex and unprecedented situation, economic development can be predicted in a similar way to how epidemiologists calculate transmission. The index can be created at market, industry and company levels. For example, questions that could be answered with the help of the index are:

The groundbreaking factor in the index is its real time information. Based on machine learning, the software analyzes, and updates forecasts according to the latest data continuously. This gives companies time and support to make strategic decisions faster. The confidence indexes that exist in the market today are lagging with approximately two weeks. This is not the case with the Real Time Market Confidence Index.

“Still in January two weeks was a drop in the ocean, now it is the ocean. The situation moves so fast that when companies get their hands on the economic information, it’s already outdated” says Anne Årneby, CEO Nordic Morning Group.

We at Nordic Morning use the index as a base to give you best-in-class recommendations on how and when to proactively start the wheels of your company turning again. Take a look at the index and see that the time to act has already begun.

The Real Time Market Confidence Index is currently being made available:

CLICK HERE to get the free of charge: Real Time Market Confidence Index for Sweden, Finland and UK.

”When the world changes, we change with it. We have worked that way for 80 years, always with our customers’ needs at the center. Now we’re taking the next steps. Looking into the future by scanning behaviors and then being fast in our development gives us a unique possibility to offer a real estate service that is adapted as the world and our needs change, says Liza Nyberg, CEO at Svensk Fastighetsförmedling.

Liza Nyberg Svensk Fastighetsförmedling

A major challenge for decision-makers and corporate executives is the lack of updated information. Regular economic forecasts even at this critical moment often rely on historical data that is at least two weeks old, which means that the information is often already irrelevant. The risk, then, is that the companies lose momentum and are unable to act on either negative or positive data. With the power of AI, it is possible to produce real time decision data.

“We live in a world where technology has created opportunities to read real time information about our economy. Credit card purchases, e-commerce data and sentiment surveys based on the search behaviors of individuals and organizations provide a clear picture of the development of different industries. We have the real-time data and the tool to read it”, says Rodrigo Pozo Graviz, founder of Graviz Labs, which developed My Telescope.

How it works

The Real Time Market Confidence Index is based on the same established indicators that the market traditionally looks at: unemployment data, consumption data, GDP, PPP, political initiatives, sentiment data (attitudes about economic development) and behavioral data (behavioral economics). But unlike traditional barometers, big data analysis is done in real time using artificial intelligence. For companies, this means that they can make fast decisions based on where the economy is right now – for example in their own industry or at a specific location – as well as how the economy is expected to develop in the near future.

Collection of markers
Collection of markers

Unemployment data, consumption data, GDP, PPP

Forecasting & validation
Forecasting & validation

Sentiment data (attitudes about economic development) and behavioral data (behavioral economics).

Real time data
Real time data

Representative polls, search engine data, attitudes in media & social media and political actions

What is the logic behind the index?

Nordic Morning and My Telescope have created the Real Time Market Confidence Index, using real-time data from over 15,000 data sources. The AI-driven algorithm provides the ability to process large amounts of data and many different types of data sources. Therefore, we can confidently produce both current and predictive analysis on how markets, industries and brands are performing.

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Real Time Market Confidence Index

Detailed information about the index:

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FAQ about the Index

Download the Real Time Market Confidence Index FAQ

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My Telescope

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